I love cooking out. I have four grills, and draw from influences and styles from the deep south where pork is king to Texas where beef rules. Dry rubs aren’t necessarily better than marinades, but brines are totally awesome for bird. Charcoal is always the preferred choice for heat and flavor, but propane works well too. Hickory, mesquite, pecan and cherry are great wood chip aromatics.

Barbequing all is about patience, planning and passion. It is meditative for an ADHD guy like me, but absolutely energizing as well! Each time you have to want to out do yourself. Buy meat on Friday to cook on Saturday or Sunday, and don’t worry if it rains!

Have fun!


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  1. Travis Ball

    I’m looking forward to your posts. I am an old friend of your daughter, Melissa. I saw the link to your blog, while catching up on her blog.

    I’d love to chat with you about bbq ANYTIME. If you have crazy ideas or tips I’d love to hear them; or on the other hand, any questions, I’d be more than happy to help you out.
    Good luck with the page.

    -Chef M. Travis Ball

    Bar-B-Que-By-Ball, “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Balls. -TEXAS-“

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