“BBQ may not be a religion in Texas, but the two institutions are closely associated.” – Robb Walsh

Oh crap! I have a bunch of very tasty rubbed and smoked ribs from last weekend and don’t want to throw them away. I looked all over the web for ideas on recycling these delectable things, but didn’t find anything exciting. The least original idea included step-by-step instructions on re-heating ribs in the microwave. Wow, I didn’t know Saran Wrap was so versatile (insert sarcastic groan)! From Yahoo Answers I read: “You can heat it up and serve with rice. You can make burritos with the meat. BBQ sandwiches.” This is very unoriginal, too, but inquiring minds really do need to know if the rice has to be leftover to make the recipe right.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by revelation! My inner soul whispered (somehow sounded like the narrator on “Christmas Story”–poor Ralphie!), “WWK”, or what would Kurt do? Kurt is our “over the road” neighbor (Scottish parlance for “across the street”). Our families enjoy occasional Sunday night cookouts, pool activities and card games. While I always smoke ribs, Kurt prefers to brown them on the grill, then cook them in BBQ sauce in the crock pot. His ribs are very mouth watering and tender, but I have always considered doing ribs in the crock pot to be sacrilege, or even sacreligious. Robb Walsh, former food writer of the “Houston Press”, whose famous quote is the title of this BLOG post, would be absolutely horrified at the BBQ blasphemy!

After a quick prayer and a “Hail Mary” to the BBQ and Smoker gods, I pulled out the crock pot. I cut the ribs into small portions and put them put in the ‘pot with a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet ‘n Spicy BBQ sauce. I added some other BBQ sauces and a bottle of Shiner light to make sure the ribs were covered. The mixture has been cooking on low for a few hours and the aroma is incredible!

More news at 10:00 PM…


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  1. Good article. I was hungry after the first paragraph.

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