Chicken Value Meal???

Ah yes! Two young hens from Sam’s or Costco for nine bucks, two oranges, one onion, olive oil, salt, pepper and John Henry’s Pecan Rub are all it takes. Fire up the trusty Weber kettle grill with coals in the side rails, add some hickory chips along the way, and you are in for a real tasty, yet inexpensive, treat!

It took just a few moments to clean out the birds, cube the oranges and cut the onions. I put the birds in a small throw-away roasting pan and stuffed a cubed orange into each one. In between the orange and the breast bone I stuffed in the onion pieces. Next I coated the birds in olive oil, then added salt, pepper and the Pecan Rub.

The birds went on the grill at 2:00 PM, and the top vents open about 1/4 of inch each. It’s about 5:00 PM now and time to retrieve the birds.


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