Hello world!

This BLOG is all about barbeque!

bar·be·cue [ brbə ky ] (plural bar·be·cues) or bar·be·que [ brbə ky ] (plural bar·be·ques)


1. outdoor party with food cooked outdoors: an outdoor party where people eat food cooked on a grill

2. food cooked on grill: food, especially meat, poultry, and fish, cooked on a grill

3. equipment for cooking outdoors: an apparatus, including a grill and fuel, used for cooking food outdoors

Have fun!


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One response to “Hello world!

  1. JC

    Oh Revered King of BBQ,
    I am a lowly single Weber gass-grilled wanna-be BBQer. Is there any hope for me or do I need to go spend some of my jelly beans on charcoal grill and smoker? I desire your guidance and will follow your every command.

    Great site!



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