First try at smoked ribs with Salt Lick dry rub…

Ribs with Salt Lick rub

The Salt Lick is a well known Austin BBQ joint. I bought their tasty dry rub a few weeks ago at our new Market Street store in Plano.

I hit the ribs twice: the night before, and right before grill time. The ribs were cooked over indirect heat on my Weber kettle grill in a coiled configuration for four+ hours. Kingsford charcoal faithfully provided sustained, even heat from the side-rail boxes of the grill, and 10 pieces of hickory were used early on for the smoky flavor.

I learned about the coil configuration on one of Emeril’s early, and cheesy, grill shows. He was drinking homemade lemonade while grilling. What??? No beer or country music while the ribs were cooking??? No wonder he sold out to Martha!



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3 responses to “First try at smoked ribs with Salt Lick dry rub…

  1. fauxmartha

    cool new blog dad! i’m adding your link to my blog.

  2. Chris, try that Full Throttle Sauce, They have rubs for chicken and meat. I put it on everything.

  3. Chris Noble

    Thanks for your help! This was a lot of fun for a temporarily one-armed BBQ guy!

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